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Hongyuan Joined 2014 PVC Plastic Additives Annul Meeting, to Create a Brighter Future for the Industry

Hongyuan Joined 2014 PVC Plastic Additives Annul Meeting, to Create a Brighter Future for the Industry
     On October 27--29, the General manager Wu Luliang and the vice president of Jiangxi Hongyuan Chemical & Industrial Co.,Ltd. joined 2014 annul meeting of CPPIA’s Plastic additives professional committee and 2014 information sessions of PVC plastic additives’ production and applications technology.
The meeting focus on the study of special academic report by Tsinghua University, Nanjing university, Zhejiang university and other famous universities’ experts and scholars, after having a deep discussion of the PVC plastic additive industry’s prospects, trend and present situation, the meeting released the latest industry scientific research achievements and share the information of PVC plastic additive’s production and applications technology. Such as Lung technology Co., LTD’s president Wu Fen’s《The Present situation and development trend of modified plastics industry in our country》,  Dye and Organic Pigment Manufacturers Association of Ecology and Toxicology’s doctor Xie Gecheng’s 《 The Present situation and development trend of European’s material for Food packaging and toy》,Jiangnan University Doctor Jiang Pingping’s 《 the thinking of Plasticizer Industry’s technical progress and problem during the country’s “Twelve-Five planning”.
The meeting also summarizes the 2014 annual work of PVC plastic additives committee:
1. earnestly completed all work from CPPIA.
2. organized the "committee annual meeting of plastic additives".
3. organized seminar about formulation of environmental protection for pvc soft products.
4. edited and published environmental protection weekly “plastic additives”
5. made marketing research, actively helps the member institutions to reflect problems.
6. completed construction of technical and economic information exchange platform.
7. organized and participated in the exhibition and conference.
The meeting passed the 2015 work programme of PVC plastic additives committee: compiling”13th Five Year Plan” and “history of Chinese plastics processing industry”.Arranging seminar about formulation of plastic additives.Taking an active part in large-scale exhibition. Continue to do a good job of“plastic additives” weekly. Further strengthen the horizontal linkages.Continue to push environmental protection process of pvc additives,etc.
After the meeting, the company personnel communicated with experts&scholars / auxiliary material supplier / peers and downstream manufacturer. Besides, introduced the series of products of the Hongyuan Chemical "Heng Jia Xin", promote the new product calcium zinc complex stabilizer, PE wax, stearic acid salt, hydrotalcite, etc which special for PVC profile /PVC pipes, pipe fittings, and wire&cable. Lastly, they visited Modern analysis center of Nanjing university.