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Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise

     Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise, is the determination of a enterprise’s management, is the key of the enterprise’s sustained and healthy development. Hongyuan Culture is the heritage of Chinese excellent traditional culture, is the crystallization of Hongyuan people’s long-term practice.It makes Hongyuan’s past and makes the guidance for the future.
A Cultural Concept
Enterprise Mission
Make staffs Happy ---- building sustainable development platform for staffs, help staffs to realize individual value and happy life by hard working. To pursue happy work and establish relax relationship.
Make customer success----providing customers with high quality products, services and system solutions, to make career with customer.
Lead industry----complying with the national industrial development direction and the trend of the social development, to promote transformation and upgrading of the county’s industry and contribute to social development.
Return Society----contribute to social public welfare undertakings and give back to society.
B Enterprise spirit
Forge ahead:
Always keep the entrepreneurial mindset, always keep the created passion.
Endless entrepreneurship, Endless business.
The pursuit of excellence and non-satiation.   
Pragmatic innovation:
Respect the objective law, act according to it.
Change according to changes, change according to demand, take the initiative to change.
Don't hidebound, dare to try new ideas and new methods.
Bear responsibility:
Take responsibility for owns value, to be a conscientious person and work dependably.
Bear in mind that own duty, consciously take the initiative to complete the job.
Actively take responsibility, and never escape from.
Management philosophy:
Innovation: Change according to changes, change according to demand, take the initiative to change.
Don't hidebound, dare to try new ideas and new methods.
Integrity: honest and sunshine, Say what one thinks.
Do what one says, keep the same with words and deeds.
It will line, in deed.
High Efficient: efficiency first, reduce unnecessary link.
Harmony: Create, share and make progress together with the staff.
Develop together with all stakeholders.
C. Environmental Control
ISO14001 environmental management system standard. Strengthen environmental education training, Improve overall quality of staff.Rectification of hidden perils, strengthen management on operation in situ.prosecute those responsible for accidents, Put an end to major workplace accidents, reduce the general accident.Complete the safety assessment of environmental indicators.

The development of environmentally friendly composite heat stabilizer, improved the comprehensive performance of the traditional stabilizers, reduced the production cost and reduce environmental pollution, promoted the technical level and industry development of PVC heat stabilizer, and slowed the drying up of rare metals such as lead, sped up the disabled pace of lead stabilizers.